Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services During COVID

Keeping a clean home has long been a priority for many of our customers. Due to recent events, more people are taking cleanliness more seriously, especially those who are elderly, immunocompromised, or caring for young children. It's more important than ever before to make sure your home is clean and sanitized for all who live there. A professional residential cleaning can help you maintain this standard both now and in the future.

What We're Doing Now

Even with social distancing measures in place, we are still able to come to your home to provide a thorough residential cleaning. Of course, as a cleaning company, we've always been meticulous about cleaning and safety, but we've taken extra precautions to care for our customers during this time. This includes CDC-approved and EPA-registered disinfectants, and fully-encapsulated PPE with facial respirator masks. We want you to feel comfortable at all times during a COVID cleaning so we've taken these extra precautions to keep everyone safe.

Why You Should Hire Residential Cleaning

It's a good practice to routinely clean your own home, but it never hurts to let the professionals come in and help. We have green cleaning products that are safer for your family and the environment than the ones you can buy from the store. We also have tools and equipment to help us reach the places you may have forgotten about or not noticed. Given the current situation, a COVID cleaning might be the perfect way to ensure your family's safety against the growing pandemic.

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Whether you'd like to schedule a routine residential cleaning, or you're looking for a more thorough COVID cleaning, Family First is here to help! Simply give us a call at 302-746-2051 to learn more and schedule your service!

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